President's Message

President’s Message

Dear ASSET members,
In today’s world, high purity materials play a vital role in as diverse fields of science and technology as Material Science, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Geology etc. It would be appropriate to say that the discipline of Separation Science and Technology (SST) has become indispensable for this purpose. In this context, there is a need of continuous interaction amongst scientists and technologists working at different in R & D in institutions, national laboratories and industries. The Association of Separation Scientists and Technologists (ASSET) has emerged as a platform for such interactions as it brings the academics, researchers, industries and the young enthusiastic students by conducting SESTEC series of symposia.

SST is particularly close to the heart of those who are in nuclear industry as it has to cater to the needs of producing high purity fuel materials (components) in the front-end while spent fuel reprocessing, and waste management related issues in the back-end of fuel cycle. This is always an evolving area of research and has to meet the upcoming new challenges as and when they are identified.

Similar challenges are envisaged in the development and production of high purity materials for space, defense, electronics, and pharmaceutical applications. In addition, there is a scope for innovation and identification of green (benign) separation technologies/solvents such as Membrane Separations (Hollow Fibres), Chromatographic Separations, Magnetic Assisted Chemical Separations (MACS), Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE) and the use of Room Temperature Ionic Liquids (RTILs) as solvents.

You all are aware that ASSET has already organized five SESTEC series of symposia along with several one day symposia/theme meetings on emerging areas of SST. In fact, SESTEC symposia have become one of the major platforms for taking stock of the progress made and the several upcoming challenges in the area of SST. ASSET also encourages young participants by awarding them for their best ORAL/POSTER presentations. It is also a matter of pride for the ASSET members as two awards sponsored by Thermax, Pune have been instituted for the best Ph.D./M. Phil. - M. Tech. theses, in the area of SST. These awards may help ASSET in reaching all universities/research labs of the country.

It is indeed a matter of privilege to have Dr. S. Banerjee, Chancellor, the Central University of Kashmir and former Chairman, AEC and Secretary , DAE, Govt. of India, Dr. R.A. Mashelkar, CSIR Bhatnagar fellow and former Director General, CSIR, as patrons of ASSET. I take this opportunity to thank the previous executive committee for their untiring efforts in bring up ASSET at such a high level. I specially thank Prof. V.K. Manchanda, former ASSET president, and Dr. P.K. Mohapatra, former Secretary for their vision and will to have a professional body such as ASSET for the practitioners of SST. I can understand how much time one has to devote in such activities in addition to their own professional and personal responsibilities.

I am sure with your kind cooperation and constructive suggestions/activities, ASSET will be able to maintain the standard and glory achieved by the previous Executive Committee. I wish you all a very professionally fruitful time ahead. Let us work together to realize the objectives of ASSET.
Thanks and regards

November 26, 2013                                                              (K.L. Ramakumar)
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